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Getting Up Close and Personal with Nature

Basic Info

Start time:


Spring & Autumn 

± 5 hours
8 - 13 km
€47 per person  

What we provide

WhatWeProvide with lunch blue_edited_edited.png


WhatWeProvide with lunch blue_edited_edited.png

Snorkel set

WhatWeProvide with lunch blue_edited_edited.png

Dry bag

Safety Gear & 1st Aid

What to bring

Whattobring Blue Walking.png

2 L water, sun protection,
good shoes and swimwear

Perfect for spring and autumn or those windy summer days!

Gozo and Comino's coastlines are awe inspiring! Whether exploring from the sea or on land, we will take you to the best places. Our walking tour are designed to complement our kayak and boat adventures to give you an even great appreciation for our islands! We will help you avoid the crowds for an unforgettably unique & intimate experience.

What will our day look like?
The day before your tour we will let you know where to meet us. The route is chosen based on the weather conditions, safest walking routes and best places to swim! We will also let you know how long the route is and what you can expect to see along the way. We generally meet at the Mgarr Harbour in Gozo, but some of our tours will take us to Comino and we will meet you there! At the start of the tour you will be provided with a snorkel set and dry bag for your belongings. Our guide will explain some safety rules, and then we are on our way! 

Our routes include at least two swimming breaks along the way where we will show the best spots to snorkel and provide plenty of time to dry off and chill before we carry on our way!

Good to know

All Gozo walking tours start and end at a different locations, keeping the scenery and adventure fresh! We always end our tours at a lovely beach or village where you can relax, have a meal and plan your next leg of your adventure!

Our Comino walking tour will bring you back to the start point near the Blue Lagoon and you can relax and spend the rest of the afternoon with a cocktail in your hand enjoying the crystal blue waters.

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